3. Creating Wealth

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So far we have discovered the Forbidden Wisdom which is the basis in fulfilling all your dreams, wishes and aspirations. Understanding and applying these timeless truths are the fundamental building blocks to creating a life full of abundance, success, wealth and opulence. After acquiring the mindset of the wealthy we have built on top of this foundation and have sharpened our Financial Knowledge with the understanding of The History of the U.S Dollar, The Four Financial Categories and the significance of Economic Wealth Cycles.

Creating an unshakable legacy of wealth requires the appropriate mindset, the resources, and a personalized system of finances. By shifting your mindset from failure consciousness to success consciousness, you open yourself to a wealth of possibilities. In this course, I will be sharing the specific details and strategies I personally use to generate cash flow on demand as well as the techniques I have used when purchasing my very own first investment property. These strategies have matured and developed from a single property to a family owned and operated Real Estate business, with multiple properties generating a significant amount of monthly cash flow. Throughout our lessons on Real Estate, we’ll discuss several models and sources of revenue used widely nowadays by the most successful and affluential investors to create passive income.


This course is all about taking action and applying the fundamental concepts we’ve learned in the previous lessons. For the purpose of this course we will specifically focus and calibrate our attention on Real Estate as the vehicle towards the path of wealth and financial freedom. Time and time again, the wealthy and most successful people in the world have always used Real Estate as a means to amass a legacy of wealth. In the same way the rich invest in Real Estate, you and I can also create a great fortune through the power of cash flow properties. The secret is not in a simple flip, it’s in creating monthly passive cash flow which will snow ball effect and outlast any single flip for generations to come.

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