1. The Forbidden Wisdom

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In the highlands, dusty dry deserts, and remote places around the world, the wisdom of our ancient past has been known and preserved by our ancestors. An interconnection of knowledge that stems from our lineage is available to us, only if we have the courage to embrace our inner voice and to listen to our hearts and intuition. We are creating a toolkit of knowledge and building an understanding where we marry and join together over 5000 years of wisdom from human spirituality, with the best of our modern day science.

Now I want to be very clear, direct, and personal with you. This isn’t religion and it doesn’t have to be, it’s about factual and proven scientific evidence suggesting a connection between our most beautiful and cherished spiritual principles and modern science.

A cohesion between these two very different languages and modes of thinking establishes an experience that transcends their individual limitations. Spiritual traditions can serve us in the same way a road map can guide us from one destination to another and tells us how to apply this ancient wisdom. Science on the other hand, provides factual evidence and scientific explanation as to how this wisdom works. A new model of thinking is rising to the surface through the understanding of the relationship between spirituality and science. The unity of the two unfolds and fosters a new human story unveiling the greatest mystery to humanity and opens a new possibility into forbidden territory, once reserved only to a select few.


In this section, we will explore proven principles that will shake the very foundation of what you and I have been taught. The information in this lesson may challenge many concepts that you’ve learned and have been led to believe in the past. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering what does spirituality and science have to do with Modern Day Wealth, investing in real estate and living a prosperous life? Well, don’t be deceived with the simplicity of this answer, as it has everything to do with it and so much more. It all starts with a transformation of inner-engineering and an elevation of your mindset. This lesson may very well be the most important of them all and will become the foundation and building blocks towards achieving all your wishes and desires.

However, if your mind is on a get-rich-quick path, Modern Day Wealth may not be for you. If that’s the case, I advise you to leave this program during your trial period. Nonetheless, we hope your heart is in the right place and that you are as determined and passionate as we are in discovering the truth behind the Forbidden Wisdom.

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