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What is Modern Day Wealth?

Our proven process is tailored to facilitate the "First-Time" investors in achieving financial freedom. Learn at your own pace with an easy step by step breakdown of concepts and strategies. Achieve financial freedom by leveraging our personal experience and embark on a journey to explore the limitless possibilities that real estate has to offer.

What makes MDW so valuable? 

Modern Day Wealth’s value lies in the expertise and experience of its founder Jorge Izquierdo Jr, whose primary aim is to facilitate people in building passive income in order to live the best version of their lives.

How much does it cost to join?

Our premium subscription is FREE for 7-days and then your valuable investment of $200 is protected by our LIFETIME guarantee. This ensures that our customers have absolutely no risk while opting for our memberships.

Can I earn through referrals? 

Absolutely! With our proprietary 3-tier partnership structure in place, we ensure that you start earning right away with each referral you send our way.

Is Modern Day Wealth a pyramid scheme?

This is not a pyramid scheme, since our partnership program is created with the sole intention of enabling our members to earn more than the company at an individual basis. MDW is an online membership course that can be shared with friends and family. You can try it for FREE for 7-days and then your investment of $200 is protected by our LIFETIME guarantee.

Is this multi-level marketing or MLM?

This is not multi-level marketing. The purpose of our 3-tier partnership program is to help our members with the down payment necessary to purchase their first of many rental properties. If you want to give this process a title, the most appropriate one would be Multi-Affiliate Program.

How do I get access to the learning resources?

After signing up for our membership, you get immediate access to an interactive dashboard for your virtual learning environment. Learn on the go with our mobile responsive platform and resources in order to facilitate your path towards success!

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