A young fish swims up to an older fish and says, “I’m trying to find this thing called "Ocean.”

“The Ocean? The older fish asked, “That’s what you’re in right now, this is the Ocean.”

“This?” Says the young fish. “This is water. What I want is the Ocean!”


90 Miles

Without the financial means or legal ability to fly out, many have risked their lives on man-made rafts in search of a better life, my family and I were part of them. I was only 6 years old at the time.

During the 1994 Cuban Raft Exodus over two and a half decades ago, my mother and father took on the daring 90-mile journey from Guanabo, Cuba towards the Florida Keys.

Mom was the driving force that propelled the 90-mile journey on a raft from Cuba. After 8 months held in Guantanamo Bay, Immigration finally began boarding families with young children and on April 18th, 1995 we boarded an airplane landing at the Homestead Air Reserve Base. And this, is where my journey began!

My Story

I just turned 33 this year on April of 2022. Born in Havana, Cuba and and raised in the City of Progress, Hialeah, Florida and currently live in Orlando.

The rest is quite irrelevant, as is all the above. Regarding my own success, all I can say is that I apply and live by my own teachings available to you through Modern Day Wealth. The Forbidden Wisdom has opened doors to infinite possibilities. If applied, I am confident it will also take you to places you only dream and imagine.

I don’t however want to advertise my personal successes, as then it would defeat the purpose of it being personal and private. If you give in to temptation and climb the pedestal for all to see, fame can surely turn against you. Be hungry but stay humble my friend.

To the question of the intrigued readers: "Who are you?

I usually just say: "Nobody".

My biography can not and should not be a matter of interest, since I am not the creator of The Forbidden Wisdom, I have simply awakened to this ancient knowledge and I have applied it in my personal live. Now-a-days, I help and guide those who seek to also awaken the Forbidden Wisdom that is already within you.

It is essential that we be nothing – an empty vessel, so that we do not impose our personal distortions onto these Eternal Principles from Antiquity. It will open doors to a world, where the impossible becomes possible and where the limited become limitless.

My dad is a great man, very intellectual and agile in his craft. He was mostly absent form my life in order to provide and support the family. The times I can remember my parents being together it was always arguments, emotional, psychological and even physical abuse.

Growing up in the streets of Hialeah was very tough for me, specially when exposed to a very dysfunctional family. I grew up in complete survival mode and spent many years of my youth lost in a chaos funnel of confusion for my reason for existence.

I isolated myself in a prison of my own mind, it took me the attempted to take my life away to truly find my own purpose and reason for existence. I attempted to jump from the Key Biscayne bridge at the age of 15, I walked on air and was blowed back to the ground. A voice within me spoke in the form of thought, "Be Still, Truthfulness will lead to Harmony." Despite not having a clue what any of that meant at the time, I knew I had a greater purpose and so I followed that spark from within.

After following the dangling carrot for many years more, I realized I had distanced myself from the world, including friends and family. It took me over 20 years to fully understand these fundamental questions of existence:

Who am I?

What am I?

Where did I come from?

Where am I going?

What is my purpose?

My mother always looked after me and I learned to value her more than ever when I became a man of my own and awakened to this truth from within.

Today I can say with full confident I have found the answers to those question, I have found my purpose and I have discovered the greatest Kept Secret of all time. Have you ever wondered what separates 99% of the population from the elite 1%? A Forbidden Wisdom lays right under your nose in plain sight that can take you Beyond Infinity.




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